What’s the point of starting a fountain pen hobby?

Perhaps that’s the question a lot of people have in mind, but it’s also the question I had when I started collecting fountain pens. Why? For me, writing or drawing with a fountain pen is like going back in time and it brings me lot of joy and good memories.

How long has its been since you inked-up a fountain pen and use it for writing? Perhaps you never used a fountain pen and want to give it a try? For sure you will like it because it gives you a special feeling.

Since 2020 I have experimented a lot with fountain pens. And even today I am constantly discovering new things that make this hobby so interesting and fun.

What I want to share with you as a reader is:

  • Fountain pen reviews, based on what I have in my collection
  • My experience in fixing and reviving vintage fountain pens
  • Nib smoothening
  • Making sketches
  • Neat handwriting

Enjoy your stay on this blog!

To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often.

Winston s. Churchill

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Dearest pen lovers,

I’m so proud and happy to welcome you to Peacockpens.com, a blog and site about fountain pens.

Since 2020 I have been active in the fantastic world of fountain pens. And as always, when you start something, you have to find your way and gain experience. I also had to experience this and go through it, with many ups and downs, but also with beautiful memories and nice contacts with people in the fountain pen community.

Why and how I got into the fountain pen hobby can all be found in the ‘About me‘.

I shared my first experiences through pennen2020.com. I mainly shared some reviews of my pens and some general experiences. Now I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t think the name ‘pennen2020’ is very appropriate anymore. I don’t like the ‘2020’ in it, because it reaches further. Also I want to give it a more personal touch with a link to my family name. My family name is ‘De Pauw’, so this translated means ‘The Peacock’. And to make a long story short, I think it is now clear why I chose ‘peacockpens.com’. It will take some time getting used to it, but we are fully committed.

The language I use will remain the English language because it allows me to reach a wider audience. The really official start is scheduled for April 1, 2023 and this is certainly not an April fool’s joke. Since the new domain name is already hosted, I wanted to post a blog anyway to give some explanation to the casual passer-by. As always, feel free to leave a message with comments or questions.


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Sheaffer 300 review

Easter holiday I spent some time on doing more family stuff and tried to relax. But now Easter is over, it’s time to get back to fountain pen business. This time I’m bringing you a review of the Sheaffer 300, a pen that surprised me in different ways. Sheaffer is the brand with the iconic…

Conklin Duragraph orange nights review

Back in time, June 2020, when I bought my first new fountain pens, I was of the opinion that the Conklin Duragraph would fit perfectly in my collection. I found the pen very attractive because of its retro classic look but also because the orange and black colors look very chic. I bought it for…

Kaweco Student 60’s swing review

When I started my fountain pen hobby, KAWECO was not known to me. When I showed some interest in the KAWECO, I noticed that they have a nice range of modern pens. KAWECO’s pens are not the most expensive pens, they are rather at the bottom of the segment. Their most famous series is the…

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About Peacock pens

This blog is a representation of the way I experience my fountain pen hobby. I am not sponsored by any means and requests will never affect my own opinion. Criticism that pops up here and there is always based on my personal experience. Sharing personal opinions and constructive criticism can only be an advantage in the long run.

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