Conklin Duragraph orange nights review

Back in time, June 2020, when I bought my first new fountain pens, I was of the opinion that the Conklin Duragraph would fit perfectly in my collection. I found the pen very attractive because of its retro classic look but also because the orange and black colors look very chic. I bought it forContinue reading “Conklin Duragraph orange nights review”

Kaweco Student 60’s swing review

When I started my fountain pen hobby, KAWECO was not known to me. When I showed some interest in the KAWECO, I noticed that they have a nice range of modern pens. KAWECO’s pens are not the most expensive pens, they are rather at the bottom of the segment. Their most famous series is theContinue reading “Kaweco Student 60’s swing review”

Narwhal Key West Largo review

I bought this Narwhal pen in November 2021. The company then called Narwhal, but changed it to Nahvalur in the summer of 2022. Now it turns out that Narwhal’s Icelandic pronunciation is simply ‘Narwhal’. There must be a reason why they did this, but I don’t know it. But it is actually quite strange thatContinue reading “Narwhal Key West Largo review”