About me

My name is Pascal. I was born in 1973 and I live in Evergem, a municipality near Ghent, Belgium. I am married and have a daughter. I studied business management and accountancy in the high school in Ghent. In my early career I worked as an accountant, but gradually I moved more in the IT direction.

Throughout my years of study and my years in business, I have always been a supporter of the use of a fountain pen. In 2020, the idea arose to make fountain pens my hobby. That’s how the ‘pennen2020’ – ‘let’s call it’ business started. I certainly don’t call myself an expert, but by trying things out I have learned a lot. My initial focus was to buy ‘a lot’ of pens to really experience the difference between them. A that time I wrote some reviews to share online. These reviews are my personal thoughts about a pen, so it could be that users have different experiences with pens, but that just makes it interesting.

In 2023 I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t think the name ‘pennen2020’ is very appropriate anymore. I don’t like the ‘2020’ in it, because it reaches further. Also I want to give it a more personal touch with a link to my family name. My family name is ‘De Pauw’, so this translated means ‘The Peackock’. And to make a long story short, I think it is now clear why I chose ‘peacockpens.com’. It will take some time getting used to it, but we are fully committed.

In case you have any questions or remarks, feel free to send me a message.

Happy writings,